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Hi! I'm Jenny nice to meet you. Can't stick around for long I'm afraid. I've got loads of running to do. ((Independent roleplayer, Doctor Who fandom, I'll RP with anyone. PM ME FOR TOPICS AND READ MY ABOUT)) Current M!Anon: NONE & ACCEPTING

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"How long have you been back?"

"A while now……. it’s been over eighty years since Messaline"

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Subtle reminder we don’t have to be mutually following each other for you to enter my ask. You don’t have to already know my character to enter my ask. We don’t have to have RPed for you enter my ask. We don’t have to have a thread for you to enter my ask. That is all! I love you! 




If I’m not already following I’m sure I’ll follow after one rp

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Abusive plots; 

Please like/reblog if you’re fine with abusive, kidnapping, torturous plots. I need some people to para with so yeah. Thanks.

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my character doesn’t just need lovers

They need enemies that break them and force them to test their morals

They need friends that will backstab them and hurt their feelings

They need an enemy that will become a friend

They need friends that they would lay down their life for

They need people so close to them that they might as well be siblings

They need fights and conflict and battles that could leave them broken and inches from death

My character does not just need lovers

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wait jenny who? 



"Wait who are you?"

"Oh hello. I’m Jenny"

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River sipped her tea, before she rested the cup in her lap, her fingers wrapped round the mug for warmth. “You have enough timelord in you to regenerate? Well, I shouldn’t be surprised. I had too, gave them all to the Doctor after I tried to kill him in Berlin.” She shook her head slightly. 

"I never thought I’d be a mum or a step-mum even. But here you are. And even if you did regenerate you look a lot like how the Doctor described you. Even if he’s never keen of speaking about those he believes to have lost. It took some coaxing to get him to talk about his family. But in the end he did." 

Jenny shrugged before drinking some of her tea. “I don’t know. I just thought i was dying, and then i woke up and i wasn’t even injured any more” She frowned for a moment as she thought over that moment. So River shot her father and then she gave him her regenerations? How did that work and why did she shoot him in the first place?

"I’m glad he did" she stated. "It would be a bit strange to have to explain everything" she would assume not a lot of people would believe her if she told that story. Well at least now she was a few steps closer again, River hadn’t killed her father he was still out there, and maybe she’d find him one day and he’d know she wasn’t dead.

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A small chuckle escaped Amy’s lips in thought of what the Doctor’s reaction must have been when he met Jenny, sheer surprise and shock, and possibly even a hint of sadness that he hadn’t met her before. “Ah, that’s good. I’m glad to hear that she’s still taking classes. She’s my daughter, you know,” she paused. “She regenerated and..well, yeah.” She laughed awkwardly. “The Doctor had to erase her memory,” she said, looking down sadly. “Her mind had..well, I don’t know, but her memory was erased, so I don’t know if she’d remember you or not..” She looked down. “I’m sorry.”

"I know" she spoke somewhat lightly. Theirs was most likely the most confusing family in the entire universe. After all she only looked a few years younger then her grandmother she herself was already in her early eighties and her father was thus far still unaware that she was even alive. "She did" she spoke frowning a little bit. "Or well she did when i took her class, maybe that happened in a later point for her" River had mentioned that that did happen in their family. Maybe this was one of those cases.

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Reblog if it’s okay if I anonymously confess something to you. 

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The First Doctor’s modus operandi.
Doctor Who: Planet of Giants


The First Doctor’s modus operandi.

Doctor Who: Planet of Giants

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“So you mean my technical son-in-law and my daughter? Woah well none of them ever told me..” Look what you missed Rory not seeing them anymore.

"Well i think they were both under the impression that i was dead until not to long ago" talking about dead people never was nice right.

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