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Not exactly deceased 


"I don’t think i got half of what you just said but i got the jist i think . " She said continuing to rub her head . " Yeah i probably should sit down ." She said as she pulled a stool over to sit on , " So um how did you end up in my mourge , oh and im not sure if i asked your name yet ?"

She laughed. “Well it can be a bit complicated. My planet is half hath and half human. I am neither though.” she spoke, trying a bit more of a basic explanation. “I’m Jenny, pleased to meet you. And i got in a bit of trouble earlier tonight. When i get severely injured i apparently pretend to be dead and heal, i seem to be dead to everyone around me. But truthfully i’m in a coma. And once i wake up, i’m ready to go again”

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// Any Guardians of the Galaxy rp’ers out there?

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Eccleston Falls No More


Best post ever.

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When you really really want to answer an Rp but you can’t find the right words and you are answering other RPs faster than the speed of light and you are sure the other RPer thinks you are being a douchebag but in reality you are just like

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open rp 



"Don’t be sad Jenny. I’m old." he grinned and stroked her hair. "I have had a good run."

"You’re not that old" she said. Not really. Well possibly yea, but still. Being old wasn’t a reason to die. "Well i’m not going to be happy because you’re going to die soon"

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Jenny? What’re you doing? Come back!

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Closed RP // jennytimelady 


"Yeah, neither did I, I though you—" He didn’t finished his sentence, he didn’t have to, Jenny was probably aware of what happened. Anyway, he didn’t want to talk about, even though he had to, at some point. "Anyway, how have you been?" He asked, with a huge smile on his face.

"I know. I’m sorry" she spoke. She didn’t want him to believe that, she never had. She smiled back though. "Good, really good. I got a space ship and i acquired a vortex manipulator, and i’ve been sight seeing ever since" she spoke brightly.

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The year that never was. II Doctor Who Crossover II Torchwood. 


It hadn’t taken Torchwood three long to realise they had been fooled by Harold Saxon, it just had been that he was so convincing. It was then when they started to lose each other. It had been four months since Toshiko had any contact with any of her team mates. Rumours that Jack was alive on the Valiant had spread to earth. She hoped they were true. She wished they were true. Her laptop had died out weeks ago, she was away from most technology and was left with a gun to protect herself. 

Toshiko was alright with a gun, but she would much rather be surrounded around technology, and even creating some pieces of technology. 

She was doomed. She would be captured and killed. She was useless without technology, or at least she felt useless. She could use a gun but she hardly had any bullet’s left. She wasn’t caught straightaway, it took three months until she was surrounded.

She heard the screams from outside and knew it was either soldiers or Toclafane. She started to run, it was all she could do now. "Drop your weapons, Toshiko Sato." She was glad when she heard a human voice, she turned around and pointed her gun at the soliders, before dropping it on the floor. If it had been Toclafane, she would have died and she knew it. 

Soon blackness surrounded her. She awoke hours later in a small prison cell, It reminded her of the old UNIT prison cell. She rested her head against the wall and waited. It seems like hours before some sound played into her cell. "Today, the Island’s of Japan have been destroyed. It seems no one has survived." It broke Toshiko’s heart. Her home country was destroyed. Her grandparents were in Japan. She heard her cell door open and looked away. 

The entire thing had been building slowly. And at this point Jenny honestly couldn’t say how long she had been on earth. For the last couple of months one could hardly call it that. She hadn’t anticipated that. She had been studying Time Lord culture, language. She was fluent in modern Gallifreyan right now, she had been reading Rassilion when the Master got elected.

That was when everything changed. She went aboard the valiant, later she found out that her father was on there as well. Though she never got to see him for herself. She had seen the leader or former leader, Jenny wasn’t exactly sure, of Torchwood. The man who can’t die. He was impossible, he defied all laws of the universe and of time and space, and truth be told on most days he himself gave her a headache, as if every molecule that formed her existence told her to get away from the man.

Today she had taken, or helped to take, out one of the torchwood members. There were a few of them out there, after Martha they were the highest priority. Which apparently meant she went after them. She didn’t do much but lead. She was a Time Lord wasn’t she, she was better then them right? So wasn’t it naturally that she lead the troupes on the ground.

After she watched the islands burn, from her own room, she walked towards the cells. Swinging the one that Toshiko Sato was in. “The others were made to watch, but not you. The fires were enormous” she said. Speaking almost mildly to the woman.

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PLEASE, PLEASE Reblog if You’re a Roleplayer That Believes Mun and Muse are Two Separate People.  


my girlfriend thinks that everything my muse does is really ME doing it.

i’m trying to prove to her that there’s a whole community of us who recognize the huge, huge difference between mun and muse. please help me prove her wrong!

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Closed RP // jennytimelady 


"Hello." He answered, just as surprised as her, it wasn’t possible, he knew that. He was sure.  Well, until now. He had so many questions to ask, so many things he wanted to get an answer for. Something inside him knew that wasn’t impossible, knew that she would be alive, but he had no idea how. He saw her die, that was obvious. But since then, something told him she wasn’t, but he didn’t listen to it.

She honestly couldn’t believe it. of course she knew he was out there. But he travelled through time, she travelled through time. What if she had come across a version of him that didn’t know her. What if she had never found him at all. The chances were so small. And yet there they were. She wasn’t entirely sure what to do now though. “I didn’t think i’d find you again” she finally said.

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